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La Verite Credit Repair Program

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Welcome to La Vérité Credit Restoration

Is bad credit hurting your future?

Does Bad credit keeping you from achieving your financial goals?  We can help you create a credit profile you would be proud to show to lenders.

Here at La Vérité Credit Restoration, we specialize in helping consumers restore and rebuild their credit file. We use cutting edge methods to delete unverifiable, inaccurate, and obsolete information from your file. We challenge directly with credit reporting agency, and the original creditors to get faster results than traditional letter writing process.


La Vérité is now offering credit restoration for Americans.  This service removes MOST negative marks at ALL 3 CRAs (Credit Reporting Agencies) -- and in some cases for student loans and unpaid child support.  That includes charge offs, past dues, payday loan negative marks, tax liens, court judgments, and even bankruptcies.  This is one of the fastest credit restoration systems in the country.  The processing time is as little as 30 - 90 days, with guaranteed results within that time, except for larger debt amounts, which can take longer. This credit restoration process can work before or after the Liberty debt elimination process.  For further information, contact Customer Service . . . Click Here

Credit Recovery Service

Once you decide to join our program, we first pull your credit reports to review your credit file.  Our FICO experts will put together a game plan to start the process of restoring your credit.

We have removed collections, charge offs, repossessions, tax liens, judgment and bankruptcy. Our process can be as fast as 30 to 60 days. We take a more aggressive approach to credit restoration.  

Credit Enhancement through Tradelines and Second Profiles

Once we have completed removing the negatives from your file, we can even add positive tradelines to your file to boost your scores and length of time for credit history.  These can be primary tradelines and/or authorized user tradelines to help boost your credit score.  You can have a 2ND credit profile as well.  Everyone is entitled to this.  So if someone needs credit for buying a car, house, or business, one can use a 2nd credit profile number.  After achieving this one then can add tradelines and start acquiring new credit.  With the right tradelines one can have an 800+ credit score.

About Us

We have doing credit restoration since 2002.  We have helped many clients restore their credit reports. We take pride in helping our clients achieve good credit. We have helped clients become homeowners, obtain car loans with low interest rates and business funding.

How would you like a credit score like this:




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